Selected Case Histories

Strategy for growth and liquidity
Highly specialized service business owner concerned about maintaining growth rate while developing liquidity of ownership. Pace assisted in developing growth strategy and techniques for owner to personally utilize capital. Detail.

Market study
Fast growing, highly profitable sporting goods retailer desiring to open addtional superstores. Pace conducted market analysis, including researching competitive environment, developing demographic profiles, conducting customer surveys, to determine best locations for new stores. Detail.

Strategic plan and fund development plan ( non-profit )
Primary funding source of an early childhood education provider required strategic and fund development plans that would reduce reliance on their support. Pace provided an objective assessment, assisted in developingthe strategic plan and prepared a detailed fund development plan. Pace was subsequently retained to assist with implementation. Detail.

Fiscal planning, controls and management
Generic drug firm experiencing sharp decline in profits and serious cash flow problems. Intensive fiscal management system installed along with arrangements with creditors to correct cash flow difficulties. Detail.

Strategic plan and relocation analysis
34 year old plastic molder being forced to consider relocation to keep operating costs and prices competitive. Pace assisted in developing strategic plan then conducted analysis to identify difference in costs and helped obtain local area Development Commission assistance based on the facts. Detail.

Planning and implementing turnaround
Truck equipment assembly business on fringe of failure and bank calling loans. Pace made comprehensive evaluation, confirmed potential viability and implemented successful turnaround program. Sold in 1½ years. Detail.

Profit and service quality improvement
Commercial cleaning product distributor with deteriorating profits. Pace worked with management to establish corrective strategy and installation of highly effective quality management program along with Executive Quality Council. Detail.

Assessment ... turnaround ... sale
Commercial bakery nearing insolvency when Pace made in-depth evaluation which led to aggressive turnaround effort and major gain in market share. Business sold in less than 12 months. Detail.

Rebuilding business held in trust
Manufacturing firm closed when founder/owner became totally incapacitated. Trustees engaged Pace to assume control and consummate sale. Operation brought back to profitable condition in 50 days and sold in less than 8 months. Detail.

Business continuity and management succession
Moderate sized specialty metal manufacturer managed by owner with no potential replacement in the company or family engaged Pace to develop a long-range management succession plan. Resulting program ensures management continuity as well as better planning. Detail.

Turnaround of gravure printer
Specialty 6 color operation selling to fabric printing trade realizing major declines in profits after spectacular earlier gains. Pace instituted severe cuts in overheads and instituted new strong marketing strategy to regain share. Detail.