Case History: Strategic Plan & Fund Development for Non-Profit

The Organization
85 year-old, inner-city provider of early childhood education to over 200 students ranging in age from 3 months through 12 years. The first inner-city child development center to be accredited by the National Association of Young Children (NAEYC).

The Situation
A primary funding source requested that the organization provide them with goals, strategies and financial projections for the future, along with a comprehensive fund development plan for achieving the goals while reducing reliance on their support.

The Approach
Pace began working with the organization to (1) provide an objective assessment of the current operations, (2) assist in developing a strategic business plan for continued success, and (3) develop a detailed fund development plan.

  • In the first phase Pace consultants interviewed the entire Board, teaching staff, management and support staff in order to gather input on strengths and weaknesses and to gather ideas for future goals and strategies. An in-depth review of existing operating policies and procedures, position descriptions and day-to-day mode of operation was also carried out. Findings were documented in a report detailing Pace's assessment along with specific recommendations for correcting and/or improving such areas as Board make-up, recruiting, orientation, purpose and responsibilities, organizational structure, operating procedures and financial projections.
  • In the second phase Pace worked closely with the Board and Executive Director, acting as a facilitator, catalyst and scribe in developing the strategic business plan detailing future goals, strategies, action plans and financial projections.
  • The final phase involved preparing a comprehensive fund development plan detailing funding goals, strategies and action plans, responsibilities and listings of potential funding sources.

The strategic business plan and development plan are currently being implemented. Pace is assisting with implementation.

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