Critical Signals in Business Management

A Self-Scoring Quiz

In working with more than 1600 companies over 30 years, we have found that nearly every business problem we encounter is caused by one or more of the following:

  • Failure to plan properly or execute the plan when one exists
  • Lack of usable knowledge about the marketplace
  • Insufficient controls in the critical areas of sales, expenses and operations
  • The wrong people and/or the failure to utilize them effectively
  • Non-competitve levels of productivity and quality
  • Inappropriate use of funds available to the business
Frequently, the personal strength and drive of the principals of a business will overcome or tend to mask deficiencies. As conditions change, however, the problems can become severe and a crisis condition may develop.

We developed the Critical Signals Quiz a number of years ago. Our clients have found that it provides a fairly accurate assessment of a business' condition or potential for problems.

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