Critical Signals Self-Scoring Quiz

Answer each question then click Calculate Score button. A "YES" answer is valued at 5 points, "SOME" is valued at 3 and "NO" is worth only 1 point.

Yes No Some
Does the company define goals and strategies on a regular basis?
Is there a documented business plan covering the next 2 to 3 years?
Is a comprehensive budget prepared well in advance of each fiscal year?
Does management actively work to achieve goals and objectives?
Yes No Some
Can management factually say it knows all of the types of potential customers the company can sell to?
Is there data in the company on the marketplace for its products or services and trends?
Does the company really know why customers buy from them?
Can management identify all competitors and how the company measures up against them?
Yes No Some
Does management receive frequent summaries of sales activity, billings and cash flow?
Can the profitability of each job or product be accurately determined on a routine basis?
Does the company have accurate up-to-date records on inventory, receivables and capital assets?
Are detailed financial statements prepared monthly?
Yes No Some
Do employees know what their job really is and have written job descriptions or outline of duties?
Is the performance of key people evaluated (formally or informally) on a regular basis?
Do employees receive reprimands or terminations for known performance deficiencies as they occur?
Will present management be capable of doing their job with major growth in the business?
Yes No Some
Is there a productivity measurement process used on a consistent basis?
Does management monitor quality performance on a routine basis?
Are there specific programs for continuous quality and productivity improvement?
Is the company successfully motivating employees to improve output and quality?
Yes No Some
Is cash flow truly managed on a day-to-day basis considering future transactions?
Does management "work" the budget as part of the routine business management process?
Are alternative funding sources considered each time a capital investment is planned?
Is the company examining alternative sources of materials and services on a regular basis?

    Your Score

Your Score It means...
100 or More The company is in control. Odds are great that the most common pitfalls will be avoided.
75 to 99 There is potential for trouble. Look for ways to improve planning, management controls, processes.
50 to 74 A problem exists in one or more of these six areas. Use these questions to help identify the specific problem(s) in your company that need attention.
Less than 49 The company is in danger. Take immediate action to gain control and insure your company's future viability.

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