What makes Pace unique?

  • Long term track record (over 30 years) of proven success in nearly every facet of business operation and management

  • Staffed by professionals with both operating and consulting experience

  • Total independence with flexibility in thinking and approach

  • Sufficient size, resources, contacts, and experience to cover a wide variety of assignments

  • Ability to implement change, not just recommend

  • Willingness to take charge and, when appropriate, take risk on our own account

  • Fees structured to fit the circumstances

While we do have competitors, we are not aware of any other group with our combination of longevity, focus on closely held businesses, and breadth and depth of operating experience.

We also restrict ourselves to dealing with businesses and conditions we know. We do not learn at our clients' expense. We will spend whatever time is necessary, at no cost, to ensure we can have an impact and work together effectively.

We believe this combination of unique attributes has real value to other professionals such as attorneys, accountants and bankers, as well as our clients and associates.